The type of murals that I can offer depend on the size of wall and budget, I can handpaint words in any font and paint upscaled images of which I can initially draw in ink on paper. We first meet and discuss what you need in order to create a brief to work from including the audience, style, colours, current branding to tie in with, your ideas, anything to incorporate such as a logo. Unless using words or a pre-existing image I will then produce a plan to show what the final mural will look like and agree times to work which suits you best to avoid being in the way of customers or for show if your customers may like to see artwork in progress.

Handpainted Murals at Taproom, Amsterdam, Brewing Process and Beer Style Descriptions:

Handpainted the signs above the doors at Butcher’s Tears brewery, Amsterdam,  in Century Gothic font:

Brewdog Bar Amsterdam, design for mural and work in progress: