Pet Portraits


Realistic Pet Portraits in Amsterdam/Realistische Portretten van Huisdieren in Amsterdam

I am currently offering a realistic pet portrait service based in Amsterdam.

This service includes a consultation/discussion and photo session. I prefer to work from photos I have taken myself as I feel it is important to see the subject matter in person and especially with pets in order to gain an understanding of their character. This also enables me to ensure the photos that I will work from are of sufficient quality to result in a detailed piece of art when finished. If you are not in Amsterdam or have a favorite photo of the subject then I would be able to carry out an analysis in advance to check there is enough visual information to work from.

The pricing is based on how long I would estimate each piece would take to complete at a rate of €100 per day plus VAT/BTW at 21%. As a guide an A3 sized pencil or pencil crayon portrait such as those shown above involve 3 days of work.

Turn around is dependent on how many works I have lined up. If a picture is required for a specific date please let me know and I will see if I can accommodate i.e. a birthday or special anniversary.

Nicki Photoshoot.jpg